Γεωδαισία < γῆ + δαίω


The human is a part of a total that we name “universe”.  Our purpose is to widen the circle of love and hug all the creatures and beauty of this world. 


Affected by the classic and modern art, the Greek radiation and the natural raw materials. Line πlanet finds its indetity, in an ethic sustainable fashion brand. Our collections are affected from the Greek pi <Π> 3,14..., which symbolises the analogy of the circle perimeter & found in many types of trygonometry, as all this are elements that prevail in classical Greek architecture and desing. For the woman who wants to stands out. 

Our Passion

Our passion is to revive and redefine the local art of craftsmen in whole Greece, creating pieces with an ecological Greek refined and minimalistic style. Vision of the line πlanet is the utilization of circular economy, in order to achive the sustainable  development. The woman collection is manufactured from fine organic fabrics, certified with GOTS and ΟΕΚΟ - tex.


No number captured so much the human fantasy throughout the centuries as much as the fraction of the circle perimeter to the to the radius itself. The pi “π” is an infinity number and infinite is the interest that awakes. 

All the nature elements that inspire us.


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