Elements that inspire us:


Recycling is a need of our time, which we support with all our heart. As we use recycled fabrics for our creations and we focus in small. targeted and timeless collections.   


Knitting is the technique of creating clothes and more,  that exists from the 4rth century. This technique has been absolutely loved since 1920, it entered strongly the fashion world and never come out again. 


Nature textile fibers wrapped around each other, created by hand. Artifact inspired by the native life of Greece.  


Sand and Sea

Tide, the city's trademark. The change of liquid element every six hours, which  indicates renewal


Reflection is a term intertwined  with the one of contemplation. It's not only about the idol image, but also the face of our thinking. 


The most common organic material for fabric creation since the ancient times. Symbolises the simplicity

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