Shipping and Payment Methods

Account Opening 

Before the shipping and order acceptance : 

  • We send you the lookbook and price list. 
  • We inform you about the company’s operating rules and policy. 
  • Area and exclusivity checking.  

Execution of Order 

  • Every order is confirmed in terms of the listed prices, the correctness, and the availability of the products.
  • To execute the order, a  minimum of 10 collection codes need to be entered,  as requests for breaking wholesale packaging are not accepted. (s-m-l) . 

Shipping Order – Transportation 

  • As long as all actions have been completed successfully, the order will be delivered to a transport company of your choice. 
  • For orders within Greece, you do not incur a shipping fee.

Payment Methods 

When placing the order, a 30% advance payment is required, with remittance to the company’s bank account. Payment is made upon shipment of the products.  


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