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The streets are broken, the south wind is blowing and I'm all alone and I say... What a city! With these words the Chalkidian writer Yannis Skaribas praises the city of crazy waters, known for the tidal phenomenon, the city of Chalkida! Just 80 km from Athens, the town of the holy spring of Arethousa, which is the gateway to the whole of Evia. Its strategic geographical location has made it a crossroads of ideas and cultures since ancient times.

Our Concept

Our desire and idea in this critical and fluid time was to create together with our people, always with Love, a new Greek fashion brand, Line Planet, oriented to the values of sustainable and ethical fashion, with conscience and solidarity.
Our desire is to fully express a stylistic vision, infused with the artistic flavour of our culture and to create a connection between the past and the future.
Ethical fashion for us means supporting the local community in every possible way, but at the same time showing respect and love for our bodies and the environment by wearing clothes that are friendly to both.
The manifestation of sustainability with great style is related to the fact that everything I choose to wear is meant to represent who I am and my values.
Our philosophy starts with a change in our thinking about the way we design, with a sense of quality that lasts through every season.


Each collection is created, first and foremost, to bring something new, unique and lasting to the world. In this era of disposable clothing, we focus on real pieces, strong lines, with a sartorial code. Our production is limited edition in order to avoid stock that ends up in the environment in the form of waste. For the sewing of our clothes we cooperate with small family businesses in Greece, thus supporting the local community and the passion of these people. We have a zetowaste policy: we take exactly as much fabric as we need for sewing our clothes and we use the leftovers creatively for other things. Our packaging is sustainable, made from natural materials. Our collections stand out and showcase unique personality. Their designs combine minimalism, geometry and elements of Greek influence, containing some kind of decoration such as weaving, folds, embroidery, painting and knitting. Everything is handmade in Greece. Through constant search we shape the current Greek identity.

Line Planet believes that nature is the ultimate luxury.
The interplay between creativity and environment is essential for global brand visibility.
Line πlanet
Sustaianable Fashion Brand


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